When trying to overcoming life’s challenges, most people are so close to their own situation they have a difficult time knowing what to do next. The Battle Plan For Life 10-Step Framework helps people get a clear, accurate picture of where they are so they can map out exactly what they need to do next to get the outcome they want. 

We know how overwhelming it can be to feel stuck in your own situation and not know what to do next. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you move forward confidently. And when you start moving in the right direction you’ll rediscover a strong sense of confidence, fulfillment, and enjoy greater peace of mind everyday. 

The Battle Plan For Life (BPFL) Live Event is taught by Brian Fleming, creator of the BPFL framework. Brian Fleming began studying the world’s most resilient people over a decade ago after being severely wounded by a suicide bomber who exploded 3-feet away from him in Kandahar, Afghanistan and spending 14-months at a hospital enduring burn treatment, brain injury recovery, and rehabilitation. Now, he is regularly hired by the US Military and Dept. of Defense on bases across the globe to conduct resilience training for returning combat troops and their families. Combined, he’s gained unique insights into how the world’s most resilient people get unstuck, overcome challenges, and move forward. He’s written 3 books on human resilience, consults for Fortune 500 companies, and has spoken internationally to over half-a-million people in live audiences- helping people overcome their personal setbacks and struggles. Brian isn’t an “untouchable guru” in an ivory tower. He learned these principles in the military and used them to swiftly overcome his own personal challenges, develop stronger and more meaningful relationships, and find happiness again- most notably after his devastating war injury. Brian attributes all of his progress, happiness, and success to having good mentors who gave him a plan and simply taking action. Thousands of people have broken through their barriers and found peace, inspiration, and happiness again as a result of Brian’s teachings. That’s what Brian will teach you how to do as well. 

In this 2-day live event, you will: 1. Learn proven military war strategies that have been used to win real battles in actual combat. 2. See how these have been used by the world’s most inspiring, resilient people to overcome. 3. Understand how to immediately apply these same lessons to your life and situation to produce the results you want. BPFL will help you take your next step and win your battles. 

When you have a plan you’ll gain clarity. Clarity leads to action and action leads to results. If you don’t have clarity, you’ll never move forward. People who clarify their lives find peace, happiness, and the success they seek. Register for the BPFL workshop and spend 2 days with Brian Fleming. Why? Because without a proven roadmap applied to your individual situation, you’ll remain stuck. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

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